The way one behaves is usually determined by two factors: one is the internal nature of the person and the other is how the person is nurtured, in terms of building their character and developing their personality; this is applicable to both boys and girls; in this case, nurturing talks about the parenting style. One of the major factors that influence the parenting styles is the gender of the child.

Predominantly, our Indian society has been little conservative towards the girls in terms of allowing them for socializing with others. Such nurturing could be the major reason for the behavioral difference in the girls and the boys. Though, it has been scientifically proved in various researches that except for the physical differences, the boys and girls are not different. However, due to cultural pressure and the existing social norms, parents in India tend to differentiate their parenting style according to the gender of the child. It can be noticed that nowadays parents are genuinely trying to change such attitude and treat boys and girls in the same manner.

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It should also be noted that even the behavior of the children tend to change over time, irrespective of their gender. For example, children who were too cranky to eat during their childhood might start showing interest in food during puberty. Puberty itself is a major reason for changes in the behavior, which are mostly triggered due to hormonal issues. When we compare the behavior of a boy and a girl of the same age, say ten years old, the behavior might be different, in spite of common nature and nurture. This is due to the fact that the girls attain puberty earlier than the boys. The puberty initiates the neural functions in the brain to re-organize, thereby performing more brain activity. As the brain activity increases, the estimation of the external environment is done more vigorously, thereby realizing and understanding as to how to respond to the corresponding situation. In boys, since the onset of the puberty is itself delayed, the reorganization of neural function and intensifying of the brain activity is also delayed, which explains why girls are more matured than boys.

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