The physical differences between the boys and girls are referred to as sexual dimorphism. Such physical differences are majorly because of the different role of boys and girls in the reproduction process. Only after puberty, the physical changes will be visible for everyone. Otherwise, the only physical difference between a boy and a girl is that the boy has a penis, while the girl has a vagina.

Several research studies have been carried out in order to understand if there are any differences between boys and girls in terms of cognitive, social and behavioral aspects. Traditionally, the research studies identified certain level of differences, especially in the social interaction. Later, it was identified to be the differences emerged out of existing gender disparities in the social interaction. As things are changing, so is the observation on the differences between boys and girls.

For example, due to the cultural reasons, the girls previously were allowed to get educated, which obviously will have an impact on their cognitive, behavioral and social skills. Now, when the girls have started receiving their formal education, there are considerable positive impacts on their cognitive, behavioral and social skills.

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Hence, it can be said that apart from the physical differences, there are not many differences between girls and boys. Especially, in terms of potential and intelligence or participating in sports, handling households or topping the class. The only thing that impacts such differences is the genes carried from their parents. Like how the physical development of the person is influenced by the genetic factors, the other such aspects are also influenced by it, irrespective of whether it is a boy or a girl. Hence, for example, if you carry an intelligent gene from your parents, irrespective of whether you are a boy or girl, you will be intelligent.

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