Growth has multiple aspects such as physical and psychological. Physical growth majorly involves the development of bones and fat muscles, due to which a person grows in terms of height and weight. In that aspect, it is believed that boys usually grow until the age of 21 to 25 years, while the girls might grow until 18 years of age. However, the height would be determined by the genetic factors transferred from our parents. Apart from these inherent factors, the increase in height can be deferred if you are not eating a balanced diet, not having minimum of six to eight hours of sleep and not leading an active lifestyle with enough physical activity or exercise.

The psychological growth is more related to the intellectual ability of the person, involving decision making and problem solving. This ability is controlled by two important regions of the brain: one is amygdala and the other is frontal cortex. This growth is expected to complete by the end of puberty, i.e., around 20 years of age.

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