A very common fact is that everyone does not grow at the same rate. Each of your friends is unique in their own way and so is their physical body. Hence, some of your friends are growing faster than you. One might grow at a pace of one inch a year and another may grow at a pace of two inch a year. All these are impacted by the genes you carry from your parents which decide how tall you are.

At the same time, there are other external factors, which might impact your normal growth. The most important factors are your diet, sleep and physical activity. Your nutrition and diet will be completely different from your friend; similarly, the other aspects such as sleep and exercise. In order to achieve a normal growth at the specific age, you must have a balanced diet, at least six to eight hours of sleep a day and more importantly, involving in some physical activity like exercise. When all these are followed properly, the appropriate height and weight according to your genes will be achieved by the end of puberty.

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