As you enter into the middle childhood (6-10 years), your dependency on your parents might reduce extensively. You tend to spend more time with others like your teachers, classmates, coaches, etc. rather than your parents. Logical reasoning and self-esteem increases. Hence, you start distancing yourself from your parents and expect them to treat you with respect, especially in front of others, thus changing your relationship quotient.

During your early childhood, you made friends with those who were ready to play with you. But as you grow, apart from playing with your friend, you also seek an emotional support from your friend. You become closer with one of your friends to whom you share your thoughts and trust the most. You share more secrets with your friends rather than your parents. Similarly, your friend in the same age group might also seek an emotional support from another person to share things. If it is you, you both become best friends. When your friend does not feel the same with you, you might be distanced. Hence, your relationship with others, especially with parents and friends change.

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