Know Teens is a web-based organization that was created with the intent of establishing a digital platform for the children as well as parents to converse openly about sex education. It is a unique platform to create awareness about sex education and relationship issues for the different age groups. It is a genuine attempt to address one of the important societal issues faced all around the world – Child Sex Abuse.

The website of Know Teens was officially started on April 7, 2017, in the event of World Health Day. The background work and other research activities were done for about 6 – 8 months before the official launch of the website. During the process, it was found that only non-Indian sex education contents were available extensively. In a country, where the Prime minister is constantly pushing for Digital India, the presence of a website that delivers such sex education program is a must. Hence, Know Teens was created with the intent to satisfy such needs. In order to address the diverse language needs of our country, there are plans to publish the contents of the website into major Indian languages, so as to ensure that people from all the states of India are able to access and understand the contents.

Mission Statement:

To provide a digital platform to empower our younger generation with the age-appropriate sex education and to remove the hesitance among parents to teach our children.

Vision Statement:

To be the prime Indian website that:

  1. Provides end-to-end knowledge on sex education topics for children of all ages right from 3 years to 18 years and also the necessary support to the parents
  2. Imbibes Indian culture and thinking in all the topics being covered



Founder & Marketing Head

Ashitosh is a visionary and opportunist, with diverse skill sets in Web Development, Market Research & Online Reputation Management. He is also the founder of few other websites.




Co-Founder & Author

Kavitha is an enthusiastic, intuitive and multitasking homepreneur, having excelled in different arenas such as training, content writing, blogging, and music. After working in a corporate setup for around seven years in Training & Development team (Six Sigma), the decision to become a homepreneur was spontaneous.

Know Teens is a genuine attempt by the team to address one of the important societal issues faced all around the world. The natural passion they possess towards the societal issues gave rise to the idea of Know Teens, which is a unique platform to discuss and create awareness about sex education & relationship issues for the different age groups.


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