At this stage of childhood, there are no reasons for you to get unhappy or anxious, unless you have not been receiving proper attention from your parents or caretaker. If your parents are working, then you will find only minimal time to spend with them. Your parents are struggling hard only to gain financials in order to give you the best of everything.  You can share your feelings with your parents, whatever be it, no time from parents, someone is bullying you, you scored very less marks or you fought with your friend.

If you don’t have time to talk with them immediately, you can write it down as a letter or send a voice message to your parents, for them to read or listen to it. As they read or listen to it, they are going to talk with you about your problem, once they are back from office. Remember you are lucky to have family, friends and companions who are there to look after you and your requirements. You would have seen many children in the roadside or in the orphanage, who are not able to fulfill even their basic needs like food and clothing.

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