Childhood is the best time in one’s life. They would love to run and play with other kids in different environment like mud, beach, etc. This can create a lot of sweat and dirt in their body leading to infections.

It is commonly noticed that the parents and caretakers of children usually give extra focus to personal hygiene and cleanliness. This is due to the fact that children are more prone to certain infections very quickly, since their immune system is still growing. Such infections can be easily handled or prevented by maintain a good personal hygiene. Also, the increased attention on personal hygiene at a very low age helps them to understand its importance and will soon become part of their routine. When the personal hygiene is not adopted in childhood, it becomes even more difficult to adopt them in teenage or adulthood. It is of utmost necessity that the personal hygiene is adopted during the teenage, since the increased hormonal activities can result in increased body toxins. When it is not handled properly, teenagers might face several skin problems that might impact greatly in their personal appearance, thus resulting in low self-esteem.

Though children do not worry or understand the need of personal hygiene, the parents must always be committed in teaching their simple hygienic habits, which will help them in a longer run. Also, certain personal hygiene activities such as bathing can help increasing the quality time spent by the parent and child together, which can be used for teaching the importance of cleanliness. Telling a story using their favorite toys regarding the cleanliness will help the parents in making the children realize the importance of personal hygiene.

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