One of the major attribute that transforms the child into an adult is the ability to reproduce or procreate, i.e., giving birth to a child. For this purpose, the functional body undergoes a lot of transformations that involves a lot of physical and biological changes in the body and this process is called puberty. It is generally believed that puberty occurs during the period of adolescence; however it can differ according to the gender. The puberty in girls usually occurs around the age of 10 years or 11 years, while the puberty in boys occurs around the age of 11 years or 12 years.

Usually, the puberty starts with the release of certain hormones that develops the sex organs. In a boy, the sex hormone that dominates is Testosterone, while in a girl, it is Estrogen and Progesterone. The puberty causes the breasts to enlarge in the girl’s body and the menstruation process usually begins. When the menstruation process begins, the girls can become pregnant and give birth to a child. While in a boy, the penis will start developing and secrete sperms causing the ejaculation process to start. Such are biological changes that can happen in the human body.

Due to the biological changes, there are observed visible changes in the physical body. The boys also start developing hairs in the face & body; their voices become deeper and grow taller & stronger. The girls start developing the pubic & body hair and their body shape also changes. It is to be noted that different people observe different types of changes in different pace. No two bodies are same and hence it is not required to compare oneself to other.

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