Myth: Sex Education is majorly required only for girls since only girls are being raped or can become pregnant.

Fact: Two important aspects are usually addressed in the form of sex education; one is the increasing sexual abuse and the other is the increase rate of HIV/AIDS infection.

Various global reports have shown that the rate of female victims of child sexual abuse were almost equal to the rate of male victims. Most of the parents and society do not understand the fact that even boys can be sexually abused. It is because of this reason, neither the society is bothered to identify any instances of male sexual abuse nor the victim is able to come out and report that he has been sexually abused. However, the rate of physical and psychological impact due to sexual abuse is equal for both male and female. When girls try to overcome it using other methods, boys get into the act of substance use or sometimes even become sexual offenders in the future.

According to the report from Global AIDS/HIV Epidemic, India stands third globally in terms of the number of HIV Infected persons. Out of total HIV affected people, about 15% of them are children and 39% of them are women. It can be understood that the children are majorly affected due to their mothers, as HIV transmission happens even during pregnancy. But, the majority of the HIV affected person in India are men, i.e., about 46%. The reason for the increased number in men can be attributed to the unsafe sex with multiple partners. Sometimes, men can even be considered as a reason for transferring the infection to women. Hence, the knowledge of safe sex practices should be majorly given to men, which is covered in the Comprehensive Sex Education.

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