The term “Maturity” can be approached in two aspects; one is the physiological maturity and the other is the psychological maturity. In both the aspects, the girls are on the upper hand than the boys. Several research activities are being carried out to understand the differences. It has been identified that it is due to the early onset of the hormones in girls, while in boys, the onset of the hormones are delayed. The puberty changes and the following growth patterns are observed earlier than the boys belonging to the same age.

On the psychological aspect, again the early onset of hormones is to be blamed. The puberty initiates the neural functions in the brain to re-organize, thereby performing more brain activity. As the brain activity increases, the estimation of the external environment is done more vigorously, thereby realizing and understanding as to how to respond to the corresponding situation. In boys, since the onset of the puberty is itself delayed, the reorganization of neural function and intensifying of the brain activity is also delayed, which explains why girls are more matured than boys, during adolescence. However, the process of maturity becomes faster in boys in the later age, so they are able to compensate the maturity process of the girl. Thus, during adulthood, both boys and girls are physically and emotional equal in terms of maturity.

In India or some other countries, it can be noticed that girls are usually married to a boy who is at least seven years older than her. It is due to the conceived difference in maturity that the girl and the boy are trying to compensate in order to ensure that they are able to protect each other, both physically and emotionally. However, in modern days, people are proving that girls and boys are equal in all aspects, thus reducing the age difference between married couples.

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