A lot of discussions are observed as to how the concept of birth control and the contraceptive methods are helping the government and the society to shape up the population. But, the role of birth control methods should be analyzed more from an individual and couple perspective, especially for the women and their children.

In a marital relationship, the decision of having a child is more related to the financial and emotional stability. Only when they are ready to take up the responsibility of the child, they can plan for it. The birth control methods provide the freedom of choosing when to have baby, without having to compromise on their sexual relationship. When the couples are not aware of the birth control methods, it might be lead to confusion in the family, by either compromising on their sexual relationship or continuously giving birth to the children. Days gone, the health of the women partner and the children can deteriorate gradually due to the unhealthy conditions. Sometimes, the women might also have to compromise on their professional career due to childbirth. Hence, it gives the women the freedom and power of deciding when she should become pregnant, without the need of avoiding sexual intercourse; thereby women are able to gain professionally and economically.

Apart from planning pregnancy, there are additional benefits attached to birth control for women. Choosing the right birth control will help the women in gaining several health benefits such as reducing pains during menstruation, decreased risk of ovarian cancer and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

It can be noted that though there are birth control methods available for both men and women, but they provide major direct benefit to women because of pregnancy related issues. However, the risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) should not be discounted for men.

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