Why do I have Small Breasts?: It should be known that most of the physiological bodies are influenced by so many factors and so is the breast size. The size of the breast is usually influenced by genes, ethnicity, your hormonal levels, and your weight. If your mom’s breasts are too small, you can definitely blame on them. But, there are opposite stories also, because it is not only our mom’s genes that impact but also dads.  Similarly, on the grounds of ethnicity, it is believed that the Asians have naturally small breasts, again with exceptions.

You will know as you grow up, that the small breasts are sometimes considered a blessing; especially, after pregnancy and during breastfeeding. The smaller breasts usually do not say a lot. On the other hand, there are possibilities that those with larger breasts can start sagging while breastfeeding.

Both parents and adolescent girls should know that it takes complete five years for the breasts to grow completely or by the time the girl is about 18 years old. Before this, it is not necessary to conclude about the size and proceed for breast enlargement techniques.

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