Birth Control is a scientific method used to prevent the possibilities of getting pregnant in spite of the active sexual life. It is otherwise referred to as the contraception or fertility control. Though several birth control options were available to both men and women in the ancient times, it was only during the 20th century, where safe and effective birth control options were available to the people.

A movement called modern birth control movement was started in Britain in order to make people realize about the importance of family planning. Family planning is about limiting the number of children in a family and about giving proper intervals between births of the children, so that the women will be able to stay in good health, physically and psychologically. This was also a method to ensure that the women do not undergo unsafe abortion practices that might endanger their lives. Soon, the concept of family planning started spreading to other countries, especially, where the government observed that the population in their country was becoming high.

For example, China is known to follow a strict one-child policy, wherein a certain group of Chinese people are allowed to have only one child, due to increasing population in China. However, in 2015, the one-child policy was changed to two-child policy. In India, being the second most populated country in the world, do not have impose any restrictions. But enormous family planning program was initiated by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in 1952, becoming the first country in the world to do so. By end of 2009, the usage of contraception among married women has almost tripled and the fertility rates have reduced more than twice.

However, it should be noticed that there are certain religious views and cultural views about the usage of contraception.

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