Breasts are the important sex organ of the female body, which is predominantly used for lactating and breastfeeding purposes. Until one attains puberty, the morphological structures of the breasts are usually alike for boys and girls. As they attain puberty, the girls start developing breasts due to the secretion of estrogen,  the female sex hormones. There are also certain boys, who develop breasts, which will subside gradually.

In our society, there is a growing emphasis on the body image, which claims to develop self esteem. A negative body image on self gives rise various mental health problems including low esteem and depression. In girls, breasts are generally considered as an important aspect of body image to display their femininity. Hence, when there are disparities in the physical appearance of their breasts, teenage girls or adults opt for some breast enlargement techniques.

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Before you know or opt for any breast enlargement techniques, it is necessary for the parents and adolescent girls to know that it takes five years for the breasts to grow completely or by the time the girl is about 18 years old. Before this, it is not necessary to conclude about the size or disparity and proceed for breast enlargement techniques.

There are few who claim different techniques for breast enlargement, though the credibility of such techniques is not known. Surgically, the breasts can be enlarged through breast augmentation, where the fat tissues are implanted in the breasts. Hormonal injections such as estrogen are also used to enlarge the breast. There are also certain breast enlargement pills and creams that claim to solve the problem, however there could be considerable side effects.

You can also enlarge the breasts naturally through appropriate exercises, massages and healthy diets. Foods that generally promote the supply of estrogen such as dried fruits, flax seed, sesame seeds, fennel seeds, etc. should be consumed to naturally enlarge the breasts.

You can contact your family doctor for getting more information about this.

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