Sex Education Encourages to Get Involved in Sex:

Myth: Comprehensive Sex Education encourages the youth to get involved in sex.

Fact: Sex Education across the world is carried out based on two approaches: one is the abstinence only sex education and the other is the comprehensive sex education. In the abstinence only sex education, the focus is only about sex after marriage and hence does not include education about safe sex and contraception. Initially, when the concept of sex education came into consideration for the government, there were a lot of funding and support only for abstinence only sex education.

The objective of such program was to prevent all unmarried people, especially teens from involving in the sexual activity. Pledging to remain virgin until the person gets married was part of the program. The program continued for a certain period of time and the results were analyzed with respect to its impact on youth. It was concluded that the results of abstinence only program were more or less same as the results of not providing any sex education. In worst cases, there were also cases reported, where people who undertook abstinence only sex education showed unwillingness towards contraceptives like condoms, wherever it was necessary. The pledge of virginity was by far kept only until 18 months from when they pledged. Hence, several governments were forced to look out for an effective alternative to abstinence only sex education.

The need for a comprehensive sex education was realized. Contrary to the abstinence only sex education, the comprehensive sex education gives complete details of how, why and what sex is about. It also explains about the need of sexual abstinence, especially with multiple partners, quoting the Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). The comprehensive sex education also counteracted the teen pregnancy issues by explaining them the absence of financial and emotional support required for raising a child. While analyzing the results of the comprehensive sex education, several researches have shown that it has helped the younger generation and adolescents to abstain from sex and delay initiating the sexual activities.

Hence, Sex Education Encourages to Get Involved in Sex is a complete myth in an Indian society.

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