First of all, you should know what is good touch and bad touch, which is about touching your private parts with or without your permission.

There are four parts in our body that are considered as private parts. For boys, they are our lips, our chest, our penis and buttocks and for girls, they are our lips, our breasts, our vagina and buttocks. As a kid, you are normally dependent on your parents or your caretaker for the day-to-day activities like taking bath, dressing up, etc. In such cases, it is perfectly fine for your parents or caretaker, especially mom, to touch your private part. Similarly, whenever you are not feeling well and hence taken to the doctor, the doctor can be allowed to touch your private part, provided your mom or dad is along with you. These are termed as good touch.

Apart from them, we should not allow others to touch for any reason. If somebody does it, it is considered as bad touch. If you find anyone touching you or any other friend of yours, you should immediately tell “NO” to the person. Move away from that place and immediately inform your parents or caretaker about it.

There are also possibilities that the person may tell that it is a secret game or might scare you not to tell your parents. But, do not fall prey for this. Always inform your parents, especially mom about what happened. Your parents will always help you in dealing with such matter, as they are your first best friends.

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