Sex Education Programs Neglects Parents & Teachers:

Myth: Sex Education programs usually undermine the role and authority of parents, teachers, and family.

Fact: Any education program can become successful only if it gathers support from the parents, family and the surrounding community. The same applies to the sex education as well. Of course, parents and teachers take efforts in making the children knowledgeable in various aspects. But in India, due to the inhibitions surrounding the traditions and customs, the parents and teachers might restrict themselves from discussing the sex education topics to their children.

Several polls and surveys have been conducted with the parents to understand their feedback on conducting sex education and majority of them have been favorable towards it. The objective of the sex education is to support and complement their roles by providing a safe learning environment to the younger generation.

Irrespective of any formal education given to the children on sex, sexuality and relationship issues, they always look up to the support of the parents, teachers and caretakers, when they are in a dilemma or in a trouble. Children usually have the habit of analyzing the facts that have been taught to them theoretically and comparing them in real life. For example, the role of consent while involving in a sexual activity is given due importance in the comprehensive sex education. Only when they see their parents practically implementing them in their life, they will be modeled to follow the same in their life. Similarly, it is thought that the menstruation should be treated as a normal physiological process for girls. But when we see the teachers degrading the girl when the menstrual cycle starts, the whole efforts of providing sex education gets ruined. Hence, more than the sex educators, the parents and teachers have a vital role in reaping the actual benefits of sex education.

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