There are increasing incidents of gender based violence across the country. Such incidents are increasingly worrisome and it is necessary to identify the possible solutions to overcome them. Modern age parents are intending to promote a gender neutral society in order to curb the negative attitude towards gender and sex in the minds of the future citizens of our country. Rather than just the thoughts surrounding it, parents believe it’s time for everyone to act to create a gender neutral environment.

One of the important steps of action for the parents is to come out of the existing gender norms. Predominantly, it can be noticed that boys are told to be tough and controlled in terms of expressing their feelings; hence they are not allowed to cry; whereas, girls are allowed to be more sensitive and expressive. However, scientifically there is less proof that men are emotionally stronger than women. It is only the cultural pressure surrounding men that stops them from crying, at least in public. In fact, it is believed that crying helps to overcome most of the mental health problems such as anxiety. Hence, teach your children (not sons) that it’s ok to cry, when needed.

Parents tend to overprotect daughters than their sons by not allowing them to take up more physical activities. Intentionally or unintentionally, we convey that girls are physically weaker than boys, which is again not true. Let the boys play with dolls and girls play cricket, if they choose to do so. In fact, when boys are allowed to play with such toys and dolls, they develop strong nurturing capabilities, which help in raising their own children in the future.

Colors play a vital role in gender identification in our society, blue for boys and pink for girls. It is necessary to know that such color coding for boys and girls was practiced as a marketing tactic by one of the fashion organization, which later translated as a norm. Break this rule and allow children to dress up in any color.

Most important thing that parents must consider is not to contradict their actions with the instructions given to them. Children model from their parents. Fathers should perform the household chores like cooking, cleaning, washing, etc., while mothers can play cricket with their children, thereby able to break the gender norms.

Be the change you want to see and start it from home!!! There’s more to come…

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