A big thanks to the birth control methods majorly because it controls the population, by giving the freedom and rights to the women to decide on when to get pregnant without having the need to sacrifice their sexual needs. While doing so, the women are able to take care of themselves as well as the family in a more better way. Pregnancy not only increases the population but also the expenditure related to delivery and maintaining the children. There might have been a situation, where unplanned pregnancy led to abortion. The abortion procedures are not only physically burdening, but not also economically burdening. Thus, the birth control methods help in saving money, however considerable amount of money needs to be spent on adopting the necessary birth control procedures. Most importantly, the birth control processes help in protecting from Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

From a nation’s perspective, health of the people within the country is directly impacting its economy and vice versa. When economy is better, the public health care systems are better and thus the society is educated well in terms of prevention. For example, at the outbreak of HIV/AIDS, a huge campaigning was done on behalf of the Indian government on the usage of the contraceptives and the possible immunizations and vaccinations, for which a huge amount of money had to be spend by the government. Similarly, in order to enhance the maternal health of the women, various maternal benefits, free hospitalization during pregnancy and childbirth were provided.

When people get educated about birth control, the need for such investment on the public healthcare system automatically reduces, which can be utilized for other important aspects of the country. Simultaneously, when healthy people are there in a country, especially women, an effective and diverse workforce are created, thereby attracting more job opportunities. Thus, the overall economy of the country will increase through proper knowledge about birth control.

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