There are increasing debates by various doctors and researchers as to which sanitation method is considered an effective one. However, choosing the right one for self is more of a personal choice according to one’s needs and comfort. From a convenience perspective, the disposable sanitary napkins and tampons are easier to use and carry. But they can be resulting in certain issues related to hygiene like rashes, skin allergy, vaginal infections, etc.

Due to the impact the disposable sanitation methods like sanitary napkins and tampons create on the environment, women are slowly moving into reusable options such as clothes and menstrual cups. With respect to the clothes, the need for washing them immediately after changing a new one makes it little inconvenient, whereas with respect to menstrual cups, the difficulty faced during inserting and removing them in the vagina makes it uncomfortable. But with continued usage and little knowledge about one’s own body, this can be overcome.

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