It is generally believed that man is a social being, i.e., one cannot live without the trust, care and protection. Such care and protection are given to us right from our birth by our parents and family. Parents are our first family members and based on them, the other relationships are formed.

Irrespective of whether we are in a nuclear or joint family, the role of family is very important. The start and end of our life is from the family. From the time, we were born, our parents have taken responsibility of us in each and every aspect: feeding, making us sleep, playing, protecting, etc. Irrespective of how big we grow in the future, we can be sure that they are there for us in all instances, be it happy or unhappy, your struggles & challenges, etc. They are responsible for teaching us the culture and traditions of our country in taking the lineage forward.

Your physiological appearance, habits, and characteristics are mostly influenced by our parents and grandparents. They protect you from every harmful aspect and treat with you with love and care. They decide as to what, when and why a child needs specific things.

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