Personal hygiene can be referred to the set of activities carried out by an individual to maintain the healthy well-being of the body, thereby preventing the occurrence or spread of any diseases. Cleanliness is the most common term referred to the personal hygiene that is expected to be practiced by the individual in all stages of the life. By following healthy habits and concentrating on personal grooming, one can be safe from many kind of illness and can feel good about our own.  Such good habits should be practiced as a regular routine. Parents play a major role in being the role model for their children to practice cleanliness in their lifestyle.

People often think that only those who are going outside to play, work, etc. need to follow the personal hygiene. Because, they think that only from the dust outside, the diseases are spread. This is only half-truth. Irrespective of whether a person goes out or not, it is necessary to follow personal hygiene and there is a reason for it. Our physical body works 24×7 doing various functions, during which the body toxins are released out. Such toxins are released in the form of sweat, urine, saliva, ear wax, feces, vaginal discharge and body oils, which can be odorous. Though these are natural body discharges, if they are not treated properly, it can lead to various illnesses.

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