Irrespective of the age, personal hygiene should always be the way of life for everyone for staying healthy. Especially during adolescence, for both boys and girls, a lot of physical changes happen and in order to cope up with it physiologically and psychologically, personal hygiene is a must. By maintaining personal hygiene, the adolescents will be able to raise self-esteem and confidence within themselves.

For example, the menstruation process initiates for girls during adolescence. Hygienic practices are very important to be adopted during the menstrual cycles as it can increase the chances of reproductive tract infections. There are so many misconceptions and myths surrounding the Indian society that say that the menstruation is something dirty or unclean. Hence there are also practices where the girls are made to sit in a separate place in the house during menstruation. However, it is not true. Menstruation is a completely normal process provided if the hygienic practices are followed. Proper use of the sanitation methods such as sanitary pads, clothes, etc, washing & drying the sanitary cloth in an hygienic place, changing the sanitary pads or clothes periodically or at least every day and night and taking bath on all menstrual days, especially. Through this, the odor and discomfort due to the menstruation can be reduced to a great extent.

For boys, it is necessary to take good care of the genitals and body fluids. Some of the boys might experience wet dreams, after which it is necessary to clean the genitals well so that there is no danger of an infection. Regular shaving should be done, so that the facial hairs do not grow more.

Irrespective of the gender, the common things that need to be taken care are the management of body odor. The increased hormonal changes results in heavy body fluids that can result in acne and other skin infection, if not taken care. The inner garments should be washed and used properly. The feet can also be sweaty due to the increased sweat and hence it is better to opt for cotton socks, which is washed and cleaned periodically.

Teenage is the time when both boys and girls try to create an identity of their own self. Personal hygiene can increase the confidence and self-esteem in the teenagers, which can help them maintain their physical as well as psychological health.

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