Due to the traditional mindset of the Indian girls to hide periods or menstrual cycles from other, least importance is given to the cleanliness and hygiene. The onset of menstruation may cause certain trauma or stress to the girls during the initial days and hence getting accustomed to it takes a little time.

  • The first & foremost step towards cleanliness and hygiene during menstruation is choosing the right method of sanitation that feels comfortable and suitable. Most Indian girls are found to be using the sanitary napkins over the other sanitation methods. According to the type of sanitation, it is necessary to frequently change them, as not changing them would lead to producing an odor.
  • During the menstruation, separate panties must be used and it should be washed with warm water to disinfect it effectively.
  • It is necessary to wash the vagina frequently to ensure that there are no vaginal diseases or rashes caused due to the sanitary napkins. No soap or other washes should be used.
  • It is also necessary to clean the pubic hairs frequently as excessive pubic hairs during menstruation can lead to additional discomfort and infection.
  • Most importantly, it is necessary to dispose the used sanitary napkins properly. Wrap the napkins inside a newspaper and throw it inside the dustbin. Wash the hands using a soap or hand sanitizer after disposal.
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