A relationship in which two persons trusts and care for the other person selflessly is called friendship. They may or may not be family members (immediate or extended). A friend is a person, whom we would like to spend time with, share happy and sad moments and also secrets. At this age, mom and dad are the best friends, whom you can trust and share all the feelings. If you live with your extended family, the grandparents can become your first friends. Outside the family, you might find friends near the apartments, neighborhood and schooling. But it is very rare that these friends remain as friends throughout your life.

At this age, specific qualities do not matter for the friendship. Irrespective of the gender, you might try to find friends with other children of your age, with whom you can play around. Important attributes of friendship such as trust and care will be mostly missing in this age, as what matters the most to you is the self needs.

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