Empathizing is the act of understanding each other’s feeling and giving importance to their emotions. Take the example of your mom; without even you telling, your mom will understand that you are hungry and will feed you accordingly. Whenever you ask for something, mom & dad make sure that you get it, at any cost. Why? Because, they are trying to empathize you and do not want you get hurt at any cost. Likewise, you should also respect other’s feelings.

Assume, you are going to a local park and there are many other known friends and other children playing around. There is only one swing in the park and you feel like playing in the swing. But there is another child playing in the swing and you go to ask them to share. If the child agrees, you are happy to play the swing; this is what the empathy is. The child realizes that even others would want to play in the swing and it is necessary to share them. What if the other child does not want to share it? You will feel very bad and either leave the place unhappily or will start fighting with the child, which is totally unacceptable. Hence, it is always necessary to show empathy to others.

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