All families are different. There are different types of family that can vary according to the size and who are included in it. In India, the joint family system has predominantly been the type of family.

Joint family is one form of family that is large in size, which has at least six members and includes both immediate and extended family members. A minimum of three generations will be included in the joint family, where the paternal grandfather and grandmother will also be part of the family. The paternal grandfather is usually the head of the family. The joint family system in India is based on mutual respect and care for each and every member in the family. It is possible to take care of the old parents through the joint family system.

But slowly, the joint family system is being converted into nuclear family, due to lifestyle changes and other job priorities. The nuclear family is comparatively smaller in size, i.e., three or four in number. The nuclear family usually consists only two generation and the father is considered as the head of the family.

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