As a new born baby, you may be around 46 – 56 cm and would be weighing about 3 – 3.5 kg. The shape of the head in a new born would be irregular, teeth would not be there and the eyesight would be blurred. The baby does not know to sit, walk and talk. All these things will change slowly as you grow. At around 4 months, the baby starts getting colored vision, would be able to roll, hold and sit. At around 1 year, the baby learns to walk and around 2 years, it starts talking small words. At around 2 years, the weight of the baby will be almost three times more than the birth weight. As you grow, you start eating, walking and playing on your own. You will have your own set of friends, apart from your parents and extended family. You can ask your parents for the photograph when you were born and compare it with the current one.

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