In an adolescent boy, the beginning of the puberty can usually be expected around the age of 11-12 years.

  • The first major change that the adolescent boy can observe is the enlargement of the testicles. Testicles, also known as testes, are the ball shaped organs below your penis. The testicles are responsible for storing the sperms at the end of puberty, when officially the adolescent boy turns into an adult man.
  • It can also be noticed that as the testicles grow, it turns dark and starts hanging down. The pubic hair also begins to grow as the testicles enlarge.
  • Approximately one year from the time the testicles start enlarging, the penis also will be seen growing.
  • About 14-15 years, the boys undergo nocturnal emissions, which are also referred to as wet dreams. The wet dreams are nothing but an involuntary ejaculation of the semen during the sleep. This usually happens in the last stage of puberty.
  • Simultaneously, the boys can observe physiological changes such as change in voice, growing body and facial hairs, broadening of chest & shoulders, development of muscles, etc.

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